Beach Tote


Prices are subject to change in different regions of the world.

L 36cm x W 10cm x H 46cm
Cap. Approx. 15 liters

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For water activities, this nylon mesh tote bag will keep items from getting lost. The common issues in the beach is the sticky sand in your wet items and equipment. The nylon mesh material is fine enough to keep away the sand but let water drip out. It will keep your wet clothing or gears not smeared with sticky sand and save you the hassle and time in washing it away. Built strong, it can hold up to 8 kilos of weight. Versatile, it can also be use as a vegetable bag, grocery bag, laundry bag, or to carry your pet. The shape of the opening is such so that you can carry this bag
into the shoulder if you need both hands free for other things.