SIMUNUL: Dimension: L-33*W-11*H-27 cm / Capacity: 10 Liters

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SIMUNUL: The Urban Warrior, Weatherproof Workhorse

This messenger bag isn’t just stylish, it’s a weatherproof workhorse. This is the bag for the professionals on the go, one that tackles the daily grind with style and efficiency.

Conquer Your Commute in Style:

This urban warrior messenger bag is built to handle the urban jungle. The unique combination of padded inner tube rubber and ballistic nylon creates a body that’s both ruggedly elegant and durable. It offers superior impact protection, keeping your belongings safe from everyday bumps and knocks.  Organized efficiency features mean no more digging through your bag! 

Durability and Weatherproofing:

  • Materials: Upcycled inner tube rubber, ballistic nylon, and ripstop polyester – all known for their water resistance, abrasion resistance, and tear resistance.
  • Closures: Reinforced Storm Flap from upcycled tire innertube secured with side-release locks to keep water out.
  • Waterproof rating: IPX-4, which means it can withstand light rain showers or water spray.

Designed for the Modern Professionals:

The open-top design allows for quick and easy access to your gear, while maintaining ventilation to keep things fresh.  The breathable 15-inch laptop mesh compartment ensures your tech stays cool and ventilated. The rubber mesh pocket is a functional feature for specific items that require ventilation, visibility, and some level of protection. Bottom straps secure a wet umbrella, keeping the rest of your belongings dry.

Comfort and Convenience:

The ripstop polyester lining features built-in organizer pockets, specifically designed for your phone and other office essentials. The wide, adjustable shoulder pad in a 1.5-inch strap ensures comfortable carrying, even when loaded down.

  • Wide padded strap: Ensures comfortable carrying, even for extended periods.
  • Multiple compartments: Helps organize gadgets and accessories.
  • Easy-access pockets: Keep smaller items like smartphones or power banks readily available.
  • Key hook: Dedicated keyhook means NO more digging on your bag for the keys.
  • Luggage strap: Attaches to the handle of a rolling suitcase for easy travel.

Eco-Friendly Design: 

By using upcycled tire inner tubes, the SIMUNUL messenger bag promotes eco-ethical practices which help reduce carbon footprint. The bag promotes environmental consciousness, sustainability and waste reduction by giving discarded materials a second life. 

Overall, the Simunul messenger bag is a versatile choice for everyday use, work, or travel. It offers a good balance of durability, weatherproofing, comfort, and organization. The use of upcycled materials adds an eco-friendly touch which arouses a sympathetic response for eco-ethical lifestyle. 

If you’re looking for a durable, weatherproof, and organizer bag for office use or travel with option for eco-ethical lifestyle, the SIMUNUL is definitely a great option!

Visit the Name:

Simunul is a historic island municipality in Tawi-Tawi known as the birthplace of Islam (1380 CE) in the Philippines. It is home to Sheik Karimal Makdum Mosque which is the oldest mosque in the country.