Over 20 tons of tyre inner tube materials upcycled.

Since there is No Known Disintegration Rates for tyre rubber to decay, upcycling or re-purposing this used material implies durability that can outlive our generation. Naturally tough and waterproof, wearing Siklo Pilipinas product is already a strong environmental statement.

Although tyre rubbers are harmless in its current state, it came in very dirty from our sources. Hence, these tyre and inner tube materials undergo three (3) stage cleaning processes and treatment with our ingenious eco-friendly procedure. Although labor intensive, it resulted in the minimal use of fresh water.

Adding mileage by re-purposing this discarded tyre inner tube, such as what we do in Siklo Pilipinas, induces economic multiplier effect. Every participation helps upcycling a sustainable enterprise. Together with Siklo product users, we are geared to promote a conscious eco-ethical lifestyle. Our undertaking and enthusiasm will definitely benefit everyone.

Siklo Pilipinas offer consumers with meaningful products.  Every purchase comes with these: conscientious product, low maintenance, low carbon footprint, sustainable materials, conversation piece, each is one of a kind, eco-ethical statement, promote environmental awareness, address many social issues, no animal was killed in the making, it will last over a lifetime, typhoon proof, and comes with 2 years warranty. It is a win-win purchase for you and the environment.