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L 21cm x W 15cm x H 38cm
Cap. Approx. 10 liters

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BAKOKO: The Eco-Conscious Turtle Shell Backpack

The BAKOKO backpack is nature-inspired and practical choice for outdoor adventures. Here’s a breakdown of its features:

Sustainable Design:

Inspired by the endangered Philippine freshwater turtle, the BAKOKO promotes environmental awareness.  The outer shell is made from upcycled tire inner tubes, giving the backpack a unique “turtle back” look and a second life to these discarded materials.

Comfort and Functionality:

– Breathable Shoulder Straps:  The rubberized mesh shoulder straps ensure comfort even when carrying a heavy load. It can hold up to 10 kilos of weight.

– Adjustable Straps:  The ingenious adjustable paracord and cord lock system allows for easy customization of shoulder strap length as well as add a unique design aesthetic.

– Quick Release Buckle:  A convenient quick release lock secures the adjustable chest strap for added stability.

– Padded Back Panel:  Honeycomb polycoated fabric at the back provides comfortable cushioning and ventilation.


-Moss Green Ripstop Lining:  The interior lining offers durability and a stylish touch.

-Mesh Pockets:  Internal mesh pockets help organize smaller items for easy access.

-Keyhook: Keeps your keys readily available.

Durable and Weatherproof:

The combination of recycled inner tubes and ripstop fabric provides good resistance to wear and tear protecting your belongings.  Waterproof rating up to IPX-5 for average rain showers and water splashes.


The BAKOKO is ideal for day trips outdoors, rain or shine, for all weather conditions.  It is a well-designed and eco-friendly choice for outdoor enthusiasts who value comfort, organization, and sustainability.

If you’re looking for a light daypack backpack for outdoor adventures, the BAKOKO is definitely worth checking out! Carry your style and values with the Bakoko backpack. Shop now!

Nature Inspired:

BAKOKO is a species of freshwater turtle endemic to the Philippines.  Also known as forest turtle or pond turtle, it is classified as critically endangered due to habitat loss.