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The material on this site is for general information only. It cannot be relied as accurate and timely source of information. Tyre and inner tube materials are not identical. Each product even if similar in design is unique and different in a way just like a fingerprint. Therefore, your purchased item will not be identical to the photos posted in this site pages. When you place your order, make sure to consult us for more accurate information of the product. You will be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of your order. We cannot be held accountable for any inaccuracy in the information you provided.


Prices are subject to change which generally will be noted by amending the price displayed on the site. If we make errors in the presentation of the prices, we will notify you before any payment is made so that you can promptly cancel or continue your order. We shall not be liable to you or to a third party for any modification of prices.


Shipping cost, if applicable, shall be at your expense. Some areas and or quantity of purchases may have free shipping services. Shipments are usually made within two (2) working days upon receiving of payment. Shipping cost vary depending on the place of destination and the type of courier services. Your order may be subjected to import duties and taxes charged by the destination country in which Siklo Pilipinas brand has no control or responsibility for such additional charges.

If, for any reason, you refuse to accept the shipment, it will be sent back to us and all shipping charges will be subtracted from your refund. Likewise, we will not be able to refund duty, V.A.T or other taxes charged by the destination country.


All SIKLO bags have a 7 day return period from the date received by the customer. Shipping cost is at the costumer’s responsibility. Send the return goods in its original packaged condition, unused and no damages. Include in the returned item the purchase receipts. The refund is made between two to three (2-3) weeks after we received and process the returned goods.

In case the returned item is damage, lost or not the exact item in the receipt, we may not refund or pay only half depending on the condition of the item on our discretion.


All information and data provided by our customers are safely collected and treated as highly confidential. All data are protected and access restricted, only being used for communication with the customer.


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  • SIKLO bags are warranted free from manufacturing defects. In case defect in sewing/stitches, defective zippers, or loose attachments on hardware components arises within 30 days after purchase, send it back to us. Your shipping cost will be refunded. For outside the country customers, sent items must be prepaid. We only pay one way shipping expense. Any customs or import duties must be paid by the recipient.
  • Your SIKLO product comes with 2-YEAR WARRANTY. Repair procedures resulting from wear and tear from normal use are free of charge. For instances that there are certain components that need replacement, we will assess the cost and we may require a minimal fee for the materials. We will inform you before any changes will be made. Shipping cost is paid by the customer.
  • We offer discounted replacement for items badly damaged for 32% less from the current retail price. Send us photos of the damaged items highlighting the damaged parts and the story to back it up for our future reference for improvement. We will then notify you the updated fees and shipping cost. This is a one-time replacement offer applicable only for the same design. Item upgrade may apply on case-to-case basis and at our discretion.
  • Repairs normally covers a period of two (2) full weeks before the item is shipped back to you. In case there are situations where schedule may extend, we will notify you promptly.


There are natural properties of the inner tube material that is important for you to know.

  1. Inner tube rubber is a thermal material. Condensation may appear briefly as you shift from prolonged humid outdoors to air-conditioned indoor environment. Sweat will also cause to wet the rubber surface. Being a waterproof material, it won’t absorb moist. This dumpy surface mixed with the accumulated dirt and grime resulting from period of use may appear as stain in your hand or clothing. It’s just dirt. Follow cleaning and maintenance instructions in the hangtags. In time this maintenance will be less needed.
  2. Some inner tubes may have a noticeable rubber odor. This is normal and will disappear shortly after constant use. If you notice this condition in your SIKLO product, store it in a well-ventilated space. Although natural, this rubbery odor is temporary.
  3. DO NOT use any synthetic hazardous cleaning agent or chemicals. The materials on SIKLO products are already processed and treated. Use dry brush or clean rug to wipe off dirt and dust. For stubborn dirt and grime, just rub surface with damp cloth or you may add a little dishwashing soup. Although washable, no need to laundry the entire product. If for sanitary or other reasons you need to do so, SIKLO products are washable, however, you may compromise the waterproofing in the fabric lining. Make sure to hang-dry it upside down to flush out excess water trap in the tube.
  4. Even if the tyre inner tube material seems really tough and indestructible, nothing can escape, even our ONLY planet, the neglectful and destructive human attitude. Tap to your nurturing qualities in caring your SIKLO product. It will serve you well in return. That is our guarantee.


You inspire, we will do it on tyre.

Wear your own design now. We have such limited service for select projects. We had customized bags and purses for inspired clients for many years. Many designs were successful but several did not make it to a finish product. Working on new designs demand more man-hours starting from interpretation of drawings/photos into patterns, sourcing of some hardware components, material segregation, development and sampling, and finally the actual construction of the product. Some designs are simply failures if applied to inner tube materials. Due to this experience, we outlined terms and conditions for better understanding in working with us.

  • We retain the right to cancel or pursue the project depending on the viability of the design. Not all designs were conceptualized reasonably. Due to none or limited experience, some concepts are non-executable. In this condition, we offer alternative solution which may alter the desired appearance or feature of the product.
  • We encourage original ideas for the appreciation of the entire experience. Having your original idea physically materialized is very rewarding. However some people have strong patronage to their design preferences and favorites because it perfectly fits their requirements. In this case, you can send us sample items for modification or transformation into upcycled inner tube material. Make sure though that these items are not protected by copyright law or any legal safeguards. We want to make you happy but we do not want to unwittingly violate somebody else’s rights or compromise our brand.
  • Most successful customized items were those collaborated design concept. The client describes to us the purpose, design types, capacity, function and features. We figure out how to realize that idea. After a few consultations, the project proceeded and finished. We will retain the right and discretion to reproduce the items to add to our collection. We honor and gave due credit by naming the product after the client.
  • For alterations, specify to us the requirements and make sure everything is described to us and understood by us accurately. We are not accountable if we misjudge or misinterpret your communication. All shipping costs will be paid by the customer.
  • Price for customized item is understandably above our regular priced item. It varies depending on the projected time needed in the entire process. We will not start any project until agreement is achieve.
  • SIKLO customized products are bound to the same legal protection covering our regular items. Reproduction of collaborative designs for commercial purposes by other parties have legal repercussions.